OpenCar Platform

The OpenCar platform was designed to allow auto manufacturers to offer popular, usable apps as a standard on their vehicle head unit displays.


  • Adapt apps from well-known content providers to the OpenCar platform that adhered to driver safety guidelines.
  • Provid design recommendations based on usability testing for apps as well as platform-wide interactions.
  • Design a new auto profile to demonstrate how the OpenCar platform and app content could be adapted for use by other auto manufacturers.

Diagram: selective sharing for location based apps

In order to provide optimal usability and reduce typing while driving, our team wanted to outline how saving and sharing the data for recent searches could provide value to users. If sharing data wasn't done carefully, usability could actually be hindered by burying useful data below irrelevant data.

Example: If a user views five restaurants using a reviews app like Yelp, displaying all of those restaurants in the navigation would not be helpful. However, seeing a restaurant that was recently navigated to in a list of recent locations could be helpful. I provided my recommendations based on usability testing and comparing how search was handled in other apps in this diagram.


In progress... more coming soon.