PROJECT: Redesign an existing CRM used by administrators to manage high volumes of real estate leads, create marketing campaigns, while incorporating an existing transaction management framework. 


  • Evaluated existing SaaS CRM and redesigned for improved UX.
  • Worked with multiple product managers to determine necessary content and functionality.
  • Presented new design ideas to stakeholders.
  • Created all screen designs, maintained a prototype in InVision to display interactions, and delivered screens to developers via Zeplin.
  • Provided art direction to remote off and on-shore teams in an agile environment to ensure a quality product.

Sitemap of CRM before redesign

Sitemap of proposed redesign


Existing design: actions relating to a page were separated into sub-navigation pages.

  • Move actions onto their related main page.

Existing design: the editable contact details were separated onto two tabs and displayed on another static summary tab (see below).

  • Move all editable details to same tab, and allow edititing within the display modules to improve consistency and reduce clicks. 

Existing design: confusing to navigate and overly complicated by seldom used and outdated sections.

  • Simplify the site by removing seldom used areas and dead ends.
  • Add pages for overview of important info organized by sorting and filtering.

Previous Design



  • Editable contact dashboard displays data on 1 tab that had been spread across 3 tabs.
  • Exposed and redesigned UI of task functionality which had been previously hidden.
  • Expandable right column displays an overview of important transaction info and notes. Makes it easy for the user to see an overview of the contact's transactions. Each transaction block opens to show more detailed info such as associated properties and contacts related to the transaction.


Here is a sample of some interactive elements I designed for the CRM. To show the interactions to stakeholders, I would produce a prototype in InVision with screens for each step. These are out of context to maintain the anonymity of the product.


In progress. More soon...